Neisson Le Bio Par Neisson

70 cl / 52.5°

Category: Rhum Agricole
Raw material: Succo di canna da zucchero
Fermentation: Own selected yeasts
Production method: Créole Column Distillation
Box: No

Why it’s different

Le Bio Par Neisson 52,5 is a rhum blanc agricole produced in a limited edition of 7000 bottles, made from cane from the estate's own plots that have completed the complex process of conversion to organic farming. After the 'Esprit Bio' version at 66°, this 52.5 is in fact the second Neisson rum to have received the organic label, obtained after years of painstaking change in the cane farming method that led to the elimination of herbicides and all synthetic products. In fact, Grégory Vernant has created a true full-cycle farming system by refusing to use fertilisers that do not come from Martinique, even if they are certified organic. With a view to creating a complete and sustainable agricultural economy, mango, avocado and citrus trees have also been planted on the plots adjacent to the sugar cane.

How do I drink it?

It can be consumed neat, served cold with the addition of ice and a lime zest. It is also excellent for making a very rich and intensely flavoured Ti' Punch.


The label of Niesson Rhum Agricole blanc 52.5 % bears a hand-drawn artwork by artist Philippe Baudelocque. The original artwork is located on the outer wall of the distillery adjacent to the distillation area a few steps away from the ageing chai; it was created in 2017 on the occasion of the distillery's 85th anniversary and dedicated to Claudine Neisson, Grégory's mother, who took over the distillery in 1995 from Father Jean.

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