Founded in 2018 by Paul Mathew, Everleaf produces some of the world's most complex non-alcoholic aperitifs, which has made it one of the best-selling brands in the industry in the UK. Paul is a conservationist biologist who has spent most of his life in the wilderness, and was also a bartender in his own establishment: it was here that he discovered how complicated it could be to recommend non-alcoholic alternatives that possessed the depth and complexity of alcoholic drinks. Everleaf was born as an answer to this question, after a long and intensive research work on plants, experimenting with macerations and extractions for the most surprising aromas and studying the most sustainable way to obtain the best botanicals.

Production method

The plants and botanicals used to produce Everleaf follow a strong search for sustainability and preservation of ecosystems: many ingredients, such as sugar, are Fairtrade others come from farming, such as olive leaves, while others are linked to social initiatives. The traceability of each individual element is always guaranteed, and ensures the best quality of the raw material. Depending on the plant, different extraction methods are used to obtain the best aromas: for example, steam distillation for vetiver and maceration in alcohol for vanilla. The acacia gum, which gives the non-alcoholic spirit its viscosity, is reduced to a fine powder. The extracts are then blended together by hand.

Country: UK