Papa Rouyo

Papa Rouyo

By Velier

We are very happy to present this project by Joris Galli, a descendant of the Charles Albert Ruscade popularly known as Papa Rouyo, for two fundamental reasons.

The first is that for the first time, three farmers, Joris Galli, Tim Synésius and Jean-Marie Gobardhan, instead of selling the sugar cane they grow to the sucrerie, decided to ferment and distil it at the distillery in Le Moule, in eastern Grande-Terre, which has two Honoré stills (a wash still and a spirit still) for discontinuous distillation in a bain-marie.

The second is precisely the fact that this agricultural rum is produced by discontinuous distillation, a process that Gianni Capovilla pioneered with our Rhum Rhum.



The story begins with Charles Albert Ruscade, later to be known as Papa Rouyo: born in 1900, the son of farmers, he worked as a sharecropper all his life in the Le Moule region of eastern Grande-Terre. After sixty years of work, Ruscade would have been entitled to buy the land he had worked with scrupulous dedication, but there were problems, and a legal battle was necessary, fought and won in 1997 by his daughter and grandchildren, the Galli family. In 2018, Papa Rouyo's grandchildren and a community of growers in Le Moule had a long discussion on the best way to valorise the exceptional local sugarcane. The idea of Judes Galli, Papa Rouyo's granddaughter, and her son Joris was to produce something local that was both traditional and different. Papa Rouyo rum was thus born from the passion and talent of the 'maîtres-canniers', who work in synergy with the producers. The first white rum, called 'Le Réjéton' - the scion - was released in 2021.


Papa Rouyo makes it a point of honour to trace its rums from the cane to the bottle. The cane used on the 16 hectares are of different varieties: Canne Jaune (B5992), Canne Rouge (R579), and Canne Matos (B 80.0689). The sugar cane is cultivated in the most traditional and natural way possible: after being cut by hand, it is immediately transported to the mill to be ground. The distillation laboratory is equipped with a 2,200-litre 'wash still' and a 1,100-litre 'spirits still'. Distillation is carried out using the discontinuous method in two steps, which allows the heads and tails to be cut off and the cœur de chauffe to be preserved. The rum is matured in French and American virgin oak barrels and in ex-cognac casks. One of the core values of Charles Albert Ruscade, Papa Rouyo, was family, which is why the two pot stills were named Agathe - his wife's name - and Danielle - one of his daughters.

Country: Guadeloupe