By Velier

In 2013, Velier was enriching the agave portfolio. And it was then, thanks to the entry of Dom Costa - an expert in agave spirits - and the historical friendship between Dom Costa and Julio Bermejo, that Tapatio entered to enrich Velier's agave portfolio. Owner of Tommy's in San Francisco, known for creating the Tommy's Margarita and ambassador of tequila to the world, Julio Bermejo is one of tequila's greatest living icons. There is only one place where Julio is known as the husband of Señora Camarena, and that place is the distillery 'La Alteña', founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernandez on 7 July 1937 in Arandas, and today run by his sons who continue their production of 100% agave tequila.



Founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández on 7 July 1937, the La Alteña distillery has been producing tequila using artisanal processes for 78 years. Tapatío is a colloquial term in the Spanish of Mexico, by which people from Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco, are called. It is also used as an adjective for anything associated with Guadalajara or the highlands of Jalisco. The word is derived from 'nahuatl tlapatiyōtl', the name of a monetary unit in use in pre-Hispanic times, which became more closely associated with the region in which today's Guadalajara is located.

Production method

Tapatio is one of the few tequila distilleries that still produce according to the traditional method. The agaves are harvested by experienced jimadores, cut in two directly in the fields and transported to the distillery for cooking. Cooking still takes place slowly in traditional clay brick ovens. The agaves move on to the milling stage, in a traditional stone tahona. The aguamiel, the juice obtained from the milling, is collected in vats and then placed in traditional wooden vats of 3/4000 litres, where it will ferment naturally, without the use of yeast, in a warehouse where air circulates as it has no windows. Distillation is double in copper stills and no water is added.

Country: Mexico
Region: Jalisco

Fondazione: 1937

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2013

Sito web: www.tabernero.com