Papalin is a project dedicated to blends conceived by Luca Gargano. The idea stems from a desire to return to the history of rum in the late 1800s, when Jamaican traders began to make blends, without indicating which distilleries they came from. Tropical blends have gradually disappeared since the 1970s, when distilleries began selling their products: Papalin therefore intends to return to the oldest tradition. The aim is to unite rums from a single island that have been totally produced and aged at distilleries. The first release is dedicated to Jamaica: Papalin Jamaica.


In the days of Myer's and John Wray Nephew the distilleries of origin and the percentages of rums used were never stated on blended labels, and indeed the formula was a carefully guarded secret. For Papalin Jamaica, the decision was made to state explicitly that the blend was made with Hampden and Worthy Park, both aged for at least 7 years.

Country: Jamaica