Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery

Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery



The Akkeshi distillery was founded in 2016 by Keiichi Toita, who carefully chose the location: the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, is in fact reminiscent of Scotland due to its climatic conditions, with salt spray rising from the sea, pure air and rich peat deposits. The declared intention is to use traditional Scottish distilling methods to create a whisky like those of Islay: it is certainly no coincidence that the two pot stills and the mash tun were made and come from Forsyths. It was actually some workers from the well-known Scottish distillery who installed them in 2013.

Production method

As on Islay, whisky is produced at Akkeshi using water filtered through a layer of peat. Ex-bourbon and ex-Sherry casks are used for maturation, as well as rare Japanese oak casks; experiments are also being conducted on casks that have contained wine and rum.

Country: Japan