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Stauning Whisky has become part of the Velier catalogue as of 2021. Although the new Stauning distillery is an example of 21st century innovation and thinking, most of what goes on inside is, in essence, quite traditional. The process the Stauningers use to produce whisky in the new facility is more or less the same as that used in the old, cosy farmhouse. In fact, the founders have found their way to combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative engineering.



Stauning Whisky is a whisky distillery in Denmark. It is located in the western part of Jutland, just south of a small village called Stauning, near Skjern. The distillery was founded in May 2005 by nine Danish whisky enthusiasts. The idea was originally to create a whisky similar to the peaty whisky produced on the Scottish island of Islay. Preparations began in a building owned by one of the nine founders that was once used as a private abattoir. The building was renovated and official permission obtained. The first distillation took place in August 2006 and in the following months trial production continued with continuous improvements and streamlining of the process. To date, it is the oldest whisky distillery in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Production method

Production is mainly by hand using local grain and water. Everything is produced following traditional Scottish whisky-making methods. The grain is purchased locally and the malting is done in the form of floor malting in a process that takes about a week. After double distillation the alcohol content is between 68 and 69 and is diluted to 63.5% before being put into oak casks where it matures for a minimum of 3 years before finally being bottled as a whisky.

Country: Denmark

Fondazione: 2005

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2021

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