Secha De La Silva

Secha De La Silva



Guatemala is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet: its 37 volcanoes, with their successive eruptions over the centuries, have created a rich and fertile land that has fostered a great variety of flora and fauna. It is from here, and in particular from the volcanic jungles of the Lake Atitlan area, that the ingredients of Secha de la Silva rum come - it is no coincidence that its name means 'the jungle crop': pure sugar cane, quality cocoa and local coffee varieties.

Production method

The sugar cane from the Atitlan volcano area is processed within 48 hours of harvest and distilled in multicolumns. The liquid is then transported to warehouses in Rio Hondo, in central Guatemala, where the climate is more suitable for ageing in toasted oak barrels. Organic cocoa from the Lachuà region and coffee of the Bourbon and Caturra varieties from the Huehue region are then added to the rum. The cocoa beans and coffee beans are combined in neutral alcohol for 2 to 3 days, then filtered in two stages to remove any particles. The resulting infusion, once added to the rum, is left for another 24 hours before bottling. To preserve the natural aromas of the three ingredients as much as possible, the rum is not cold filtered.

Country: Guatemala