Cooperativa Agricola Calafata

Cooperativa Agricola Calafata

By Velier

When we met the guys at Calafata, we fell in love not only with their products, but above all with their project born of willpower and reckless passion for the land and people. The continuous growth and research of this cooperative is based on respect for the land and work, and has found a place in the Triple 'A' catalogue thanks to the sharing of an ideal that goes beyond the simple approach in the vineyard and cellar.



Calafata is the first Tuscan agricultural and social cooperative born in 2011 in Lucca thanks to the will of three young men, Mauro, Luca, and Maik, to give life to a project capable of uniting the recovery of disadvantaged people and abandoned land. From the first vineyard granted on loan on the Maulina hill to today, Calafata has managed to give life to a multifaceted cooperative that in addition to viticulture involves other agricultural and production activities such as olive growing, beekeeping, a network of organic vegetable gardens, and a workshop for the production of preserves and other products. In the fertile soil of the Lucchese hills, Calafata soon embarked on the road of biodynamic agriculture, also thanks to the support of the Luccabiodinamica network, a wine and agricultural association that is unique in the world, which puts maintaining the fertility of the land first.

Production method

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Epopea of the Agricultural and Social Co-operative Calafata comes from the olive groves of the hills of Lucca, cultivated without the use of synthetic chemical products. The olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed. The oil is not filtered, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil with a delicate, bitter and slightly spicy profile that reflects the best of Tuscan production. Passata di Pomodoro Canestrina, on the other hand, is obtained from the manual harvesting of Canestrini tomatoes, an indigenous variety that is a Slow Food Presidium and organically grown in Calafata's vegetable gardens. Processing takes place in their laboratory with the sole addition of salt, without the use of additives and preservatives, concentrating the flavour, passion and craftsmanship that characterise the commitment and work of the Calafata boys.

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany

Fondazione: 2011

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