El Tequileño

El Tequileño

By Velier

Questa marca storica è anche la più consumata a Jalisco, capitale della tequila. Oggi entra a far parte del nostro gruppo anche perché in Velier abbiamo l’idea che la tequila avrà prossimamente un grande sviluppo anche in Italia, e per questo stiamo cercando di distribuire tutti le migliori tequile fatte ancora con metodi artigianali, tra le quali El Tequileño è appunto un’eccellenza



El Tequileño was born on New Year's Day 1959, by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo, a descendant of the most important of the families involved in tequila production.

His son Juan Antonio joined the company in 1970 and then, after Don Jorge's death in 2000, his grandson Jorge Antonio Salles 'Tony' arrived in 2005, becoming Master Distiller three years later. El Tequileño, which was acquired by Paradise Spirits in 2017, continues its work of spreading the culture of tequila around the world by obtaining prestigious awards: most importantly, Juan Antonio Salles' nomination as Gran Tequilero, awarded by the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry - a title that has so far only been given to 4 people.

Production method

Don Jorge's great passion for quality is reflected in the exceptional quality of the tequila that is still produced today. Every step of the production process is carefully and attentively followed, starting with the agave used, which comes from the highlands of Jalisco: this region is renowned for the very high quality of its blue agave, thanks to a mineral-rich soil that contributes to a naturally higher sugar content. Once harvested, the agave travels for four hours from Jalisco to the distillery and is then processed immediately. Don Jorge pioneered the use of steam pressure autoclaves in 1959. Prior to cooking, special attention is paid to removing the cogollo: a bitter part of the agave that can adversely affect the tequila's aromatic profile. After the agave is cooked, it goes through a grinding process to extract its natural sugars. In this process, pure spring water is used, which flows from the now inactive Volcan de Tequila. El Tequileño is one of only four distilleries that have direct access to this spring, which contributes to the smooth flavour of its tequila. Distillation takes place exclusively in copper pot stills. Various types of barrels of different sizes are used for ageing.

Country: Mexico