The Bitter End

The Bitter End

By Velier

In 2009, the only bitter known in Italy was Angostura. Then, after the great economic crisis of 2008, when mixology was being reborn worldwide, a whole new generation of bartenders was born. In this context, we were among the first to see the need for different bitters. In the meantime, just in 2008-2009, some new producers had entered the market, with a new series of bitters, including Bitter Truth, Bitter End, Bitter Scrappy's and Bittermens, which were our choices, and currently make up our range of bitters.



The Bitter End is a small producer of cocktail flavourings in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Its products are all handmade in small batches from all-natural ingredients. Inventor and founder Bill York has used his knowledge of world cuisine, mixology and science to condense seven flavours of the world into bottles. In the Jamaican Jerk, Jamaican pepper, nutmeg and habanero stand out; the Memphis Barbeque uses a blend of black pepper, cumin, coffee and chipotle; the Mexican Mole has roasted cocoa beans at the heart of its recipe; in the Moroccan, notes of coriander, lemon and mint emerge; and the Thai, with aromas of green curry, closes the range.

Production method

Each batch of The Bitter End bitters is made with great care and attention to detail. Ingredients, including fresh and dried spices, herbs, fruits, chillies and other aromatic botanicals, are hand-selected from premium suppliers. Each batch is blended, infused and dispensed by hand in a limited quantity using a jealously guarded proprietary formula. Absolutely no extracts, preservatives or artificial flavourings are used.

Country: USA
Region: New Mexico

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2013

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