By Velier

Daniele Biondi, who has been our collaborator and a great rum expert for almost twenty years now, has come up with this range of ready-to-drink bottled daiquiris at the highest possible level. These are in fact daiquiris created using some of the world's greatest single white rums.



Allpossibledaiquiris is the first range of bottled cocktails based on brands, and starts from a simple and fundamental concept: in any drink the absolute protagonist is the product used, starting with the brand of the spirit, the fulcrum of all recipes. It is a range that was created after a long study on quality and balance, to give cocktail lovers the opportunity to try a Daiquiri made with three of the world's most artisanal and historic rums: Clairin from Haiti, Hampden from the legendary Jamaican distillery of Trelawny, Rivers from the legendary Grenada distillery;

Allpossibledaiquiris starts with the realisation that, when considering rum as a spirit, it is the Daiquiri that is the most iconic and essential cocktail. Its ingredients are just three: lime juice, cane sugar syrup and rum. In such an essential recipe, the quality and balance between the components are crucial, and the type of rum makes a difference in the final taste, intensity and drinkability. 

Production method

The company behind this creative concept is VERSO, a new independent company specialising in innovative beverage solutions, and the entire production process is followed by a state-of-the-art laboratory in Rome, one of the first in Italy, with ten years of experience in the field. The laboratory meets all the strict food safety standards required by Italian and EU regulations for beverage production;

The distilleries involved represent a unique heritage, whose rums are the only ones produced from spontaneous fermentations, as well as distilled in traditional stills. All the rums used were first analysed organoleptically and chemically to fully understand their aromatic characteristics and achieve the perfect result. The same analyses were also carried out after production, and show that the congeners of the rums were maintained in the final drinks.

The Sicilian IGP lime juice and cane sugar syrup used have also been carefully selected and are both organic. Their combination enhances the provenance, terroir and flavours of the rums, so it changes in each type. The dilution with water also varies according to the rum, and is very important for the balance of the drinks. Air is also involved in the blending process to contribute to the best consistency and drinkability of the bottled Daiquiri;

The name Allpossibledaiquiris, then, reflects the intention to expand the range in the future, with further variants of Daiquiris made with other high-end artisanal rums.