The small Chichibu distillery, topped by its 'Scottish-style' pagoda, is located about 100 km west of Tokyo, in the mountains of Saitama province. The distillery was founded in 2004 by Ichiro Akuto, grandson of the well-known founder of the now-closed Hanyu. Ichiro Akuto's has now become one of the most famous names in the whisky world of the new millennium. It has become popular not only in Japan but also abroad, and was awarded best single cask in the world in 2017 by the World Whisky Awards.

Production method

Malted barley is purchased in Europe, either standard or peat. The wort produced with the three 'English-style' steps prepares the ground for a very long fermentation, often more than three days. This allows a complete extraction of the sugars and an extremely fruity profile. The fermentation vats are made of Mizunara wood, aromatic and very characteristic. There are two copper stills, imported from Scotland and produced by Forsyth's. The distillery uses mainly 200 litre bourbon barrels and 130 litre Quarter Casks. Evaporation from the casks, in a climate with such a wide temperature range, is important but this contributes to giving the whisky aroma and body in a shorter time.

Country: Japan

Anno di fondazione: 2004