Domaine Augustin

Domaine Augustin

By Velier

After several years of field research, the meeting with Marc and Emmanuele Augustin finally initiated the first entry of a Champagne into Velier's Triple 'A' wine catalogue. Indeed, Domaine Augustin not only pursues a respectful agricultural model, but also promotes an approach in the cellar capable of conveying the cornerstones of the natural movement within the production of their Champagne labels. Marc and Emmanuele's continuous research in this direction ensures a strong and lasting bond that, before commercial interests, is based on sharing an ideal.



Domaine Augustin is a family-owned Champagne Maison located in Avenay Val D'Or run by Marc and Emmanuel Augustin from two winegrowing families spanning nine generations in total. At the beginning of the 20th century, Marc's great-grandmother, Andrée La Fèvre, began making wine from her own grapes, at a time when the totality of Champagne production came exclusively from the great Maisons, a revolutionary move that laid the foundations for the establishment of the rècoltant-manipulant concept. In the 1970s, when the use of synthetic chemicals was sadly spreading throughout the land, Jean Augustin, Marc's father refused to use herbicides, fertilisers and pesticides in his rows. Thus, the winery adopted organic farming practices, and then embraced biodynamics from 2011, under the impetus of Marc and Emmanuele, who were aware of the value of their heritage and convinced that they had to ensure the balance and vitality of the soil and the plants The winery has 9 hectares of vineyards located in the communes of Avenay Val D'Or, premier cru of the Montagne de Reims and home of pinot noir, and Vertus, a famous area of the Cote des Blancs, renowned for its chardonnay.

Production method

Domaine Augustin's own grapes, mostly pinot noir and chardonnay, are harvested by hand and brought to the cellar where there are no steel tanks, preferring wood, cement and amphora containers of different sizes and origins. No invasive technology or oenological additives are used in vinification, and the use of sulphur dioxide is minimal if not completely absent. The fermentations are spontaneous and the base wines rest on fine lees until the summer, when the process of re-fermentation in the bottle begins thanks to a "presa di spuma" obtained through a starter consisting of biodynamic raw sugar and fine lees. The sur lies of all the cuvées range from three to five years and more. All Augustin Champagnes are vintage and Brut Nature, i.e. non-dosed and with a residual sugar content of less than 3 mg/l. In addition to the four main cuvées, there are two single-varietal Champagnes made without sulphur dioxide and one made from 100% pinot meunier from a very small parcel.

Country: France
Region: Champagne

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2020

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