Yzaguirre is a family business dedicated to the production of Vermouth, located in the small village of El Morell, between Reus and Tarragona, in the Catalan hinterland. The workshop that originally housed the production was founded in Reus in 1884 by the Simò family, under the name Yzaguirre i Simò de Reus. In 1983, the acquisition of the company by the Salla-Solé family led to the shop being moved to El Morell, closer to the vineyards that yielded the grapes used to produce the base wines.

Production method

The base wine is produced using the indigenous Macabeu variety, with an alcohol content not exceeding 13% vol. In the subsequent vermouth processing stages, white sugar is added, in varying quantities depending on the type, and molasses alcohol is added until the required alcohol content is reached. The subsequent aromatic infusion starts with a secret selection of around 80 herbs and spices, which combines medicinal plants traditionally used for vermouth, such as artemisia, rhubarb and quinine, with Mediterranean herbs, fruits and flowers such as Crete dictam, Seville bitter orange and cactus flower. The Rojo, Blanco and Dry Reserves mature for a year in large barrels of local oak before bottling.

Country: Spain

Fondazione: 1884

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2016

Sito web: vermutyzaguirre.com