By Velier

Velier started with cognac. Our father was the managing director of the company that had been importing Martin since 1905, when the Maisons de Cognac were still owned by the producing families. When by then all the big Maisons had been absorbed by multinational groups, with Velier we imported Léopold Gourmel, headed by Olivier Blanc, the first producer close to the Triple A concept. Following Olivier's departure from the company, we decided to go back to our childhood and seek out independent producers, in line with our policy of striving for quality. With them, we created our cognac range, which includes François Voyer, Paul Giraud and Tesseron.



The Tesseron House was founded in 1905 by Abel Tesseron, who began acquiring exceptional expressions of Grande et Petite Champagne. The tradition has now been handed down for 5 generations in the excellence of the Grande et Petite Champagne terroir. Tesseron is among the rare bottlers in Cognac to use the 3 original Cognac blends: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard. Born as a merchant of old Cognacs purchased throughout Cognac, Tesseron is currently one of the most prestigious stock owners of old Cognacs in France. His collection consists of only XO, long ageing.

Production method

The three traditional cognac grape varieties, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard, are still cultivated on the Tesseron estates. The grapes are harvested in autumn and fermented to produce an acidic wine with a low alcohol content of around 9°. The distillation period is strictly controlled from 1 October to 31 March of the following year. Distillation is carried out in red copper stills, in two toasts and over an open fire. Only the 'heart' of the distillation is kept for the production of cognac. The spirits rest for many years in aged oak barrels made by craftsmen from centuries-old trees felled in the forests near Limousin, in the Tesseron cellars, which were part of the crypt of the local church in the 12th century. Tesseron Cognacs are distinguished by their rare complexity due to the subtle combination of the three grape varieties that make them up. Each grape variety and each cask lends a particular nuance to the final blend.

Country: France
Region: Cognac

Fondazione: 1905

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2017

Sito web: www.tesseroncognac.com