By Velier

Tito's Handmade Vodka from Bert Beveridge's Fifth Generation distillery is characterised by its delicacy and smoothness in the sip. Only maize is used for preparation, making the product certified 'gluten free'. The production method and the history of the product and the distillery make it a brand that rightfully enters the Velier catalogue.



Tito's Vodka was born in the U.S.A., in Austin, in 1997, when Bert Beveridge, called 'Tito' by his friends, founded Fifth Generation, the first legal distillery in Texas. The idea dates back many years before, when Tito produced flavoured vodka to consume and give as gifts to friends, immediately expanding the circle of supporters. The project was born with the intention of creating a distillate of the highest quality, indeed the best in the world, and offering it at a reasonable price.

Production method

The vodka produced by this micro-distillery uses only maize as raw material and undergoes six distillations according to the still pot method to achieve the degree of purity and quality desired by Tito. This lengthy process guarantees optimal results, appreciated by experts and connoisseurs alike. In fact, the same method normally used for single malt scotches and the finest French cognacs is used for the distillation of the corn, and six distillation processes are used to achieve the much sought-after purity of the product.

Country: USA

Fondazione: 1997

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2021

Sito web: titosvodka.com