Allpossibledaiquiris No. 001 Clairin

70 cl / 12.5°

Why it’s different

Allpossibledaiquiris the new range of daiquiri expressions made with the world's most artisanal rums, organic lime juice and cane sugar syrup. 

The Daiquiri is the most iconic and essential rum-cocktail, and the variety of the rum chosen completely characterises the drink. This is why the brand of rum has to be the protagonist, and why a lengthy study on the quality and balance of ingredients was carried out.

Allpossibledaiquiris 001, #thewilddaiquiri is made with Clairin, the natural sugar cane distillate from Haiti.

How do I drink it?

Allpossibledaiquiris are enjoyed neat, with the addition of ice if preferred.

The product is natural and unfiltered, so each bottle has a residue. Simply shake the bottle before opening it.

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