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A veritable institution in the field of Jamaican rum, Appleton Estate was established on the island's oldest sugar cane plantation and has been producing its prestigious rums since 1749. According to legend, however, it was planted in 1655 by Sir Francis Dickenson, an English soldier from the Oxfordshire village of Appleton.
The plantation is located in the Nassau Valley, in the centre of Jamaica, and covers more than 4200 hectares at an altitude of more than 400 metres: an area immersed in greenery and surrounded by high mountain ranges, which enjoys a unique microclimate, perfect for the optimal growth of sugar cane.

Production method

Appleton Estate is committed to quality throughout the entire production process. Ten different types of sugar cane are distilled to achieve the right complexity; the yeasts are natural and come from the plantation; the water is taken and filtered directly from the limestone hills of the area. Discontinuous and column stills are used for distillation. Quality is also guaranteed during ageing, for which American oak ex-bourbon casks are used. In addition, all aged rums must comply with the 'Minimum Ageing' standards, i.e. the blends of rums used must respect the number of years of ageing in the bottle, without exclusions.

In charge of blending is Joy Spence, the first woman in the spirits world to hold the position of Master Blender.

Country: Jamaica


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