Neisson Le Rhum XO Par Neisson

70 cl / 48.5°

Category: Rhum Agricole
Raw material: Sugar cane juice
Fermentation: Own selected yeasts
Production method: Créole Column Distillation
Aging: Tropicale
Box: No

Why it’s different

Neisson XO is a bottle that cannot be missed in the collection of rum enthusiasts. Like all Neisson agricultural rums, it is made from manually harvested sugar cane. The cane juice or 'vesou' is collected in steel tanks and then undergoes a long fermentation, up to 96 hours, using selected yeasts reproduced from a strain of yeasts indigenous to the distillery. These long fermentations make it unique, with Neisson's characteristic aromas. Distillation takes place in the famous Savalle copper column installed in 1950 by Jean Neisson, Grégory's grandfather and mentor. This rum has been carefully selected and aged for at least 6 years, combining French oak and ex-bourbon barrels.

How do I drink it?

It can be enjoyed neat, also in combination with chocolate pralines.


The Neisson distillery was founded in 1932 by the Neisson brothers in the commune of Le Cabret, located in the north-west of Martinique, a perfect area for the cultivation of the best sugar cane, given the large presence of lava soil. Owner Gregory Vernant Neisson is now the last master distiller on the island. In his own fields, the sugar cane is harvested by hand to preserve its quality. Neisson still owns a plot where the unhybridized Cristalline cane variety grows. It is the only hectare of Cristalline to have survived outside the pristine island of Haiti. Besides Cristalline, Neisson grows two other unhybridised varieties, Malavoi and Rubanée. The three old varieties, after a long struggle, became part of the AOC Martinique. A few years ago, Gregory Vernant Neisson began the complex process of converting all his land to organic farming, and today he can boast the Label Bio, which is unique in the world of rum. Neisson is also a pioneer in the field of ageing, being the first in the world among producers to have undertaken the use of new barrels.

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