Karukera 2009 FUT L7 11 Y.O.

70 cl / 58.4°

Tipologia: Rhum Agricole
Fermentazione: Lieviti selezionati + Lieviti indigeni
Metodo di produzione: Distillazione in colonna Créole
Invecchiamento: Tropicale

Perché è differente

from the Rhumerie Karukera, this Agricole rum, distilled in April 2009 at the oldest distillery in Guadeloupe by their Creole column and barrelled in September 2009, is a single cask produced and bottled at the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte–Marie. Aged for 11 years at the rhumerie and bottled Full proof, this is a Velier special edition. 1 of 312 bottles

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