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Our collaboration with Bordiga began when we thought we would get to know this historic distillery, which among other things had produced the historic Mulassano vermouth, of the eponymous café in Turin. When we met, we tasted the excellent product and, afterwards, got to know the other products. Over the years, the company has developed thanks to the genuineness and quality of all its products, becoming a point of reference not only for vermouths, but also for liqueurs and spirits, especially alpine spirits. Since the beginning of the 20th century, a juniper distillate has also been produced in Bordiga's stills, which is still the envy of the world's best-known gins.



The history of the Bordiga distillery begins in the late 19th century, with Pietro Bordiga, a passionate herbalist and profound connoisseur especially of Alpine botanicals and oriental spices so sought after at the time. Pietro Bordiga invented a recipe for Vermouth di Torino and started his business as a producer, opening the distillery in Cuneo in 1888. His success was immediate, the excellence of his product earned him requests from various important establishments in the city, so much so that even today the historic café in Turin, Caffè Mulassano, one of the oldest in Italy, has its Vermouth produced with Bordiga's exclusive recipe. Over the decades, production has remained at its origins, even if the difficulties are enormous, as witnessed by the countless closures of well-known brands.

Production method

Wine, medicinal herbs and fine oriental spices form the basis of Vermouth di Torino, the product with which Bordiga was born. The philosophy and quality of the products that drove the founder remained unchanged; they continued to produce from selected, quality raw materials. Characteristics that still remain today: the good Piedmontese wine, the alpine herbs still hand-picked by the mountain people, the finest spices, the purest grain alcohol, the finest sugar and the water of our Alps constitute, nowadays just like in 1888, the basis with which our master distillers, with their ancestral and jealously guarded wisdom, produce the renowned Bordiga products today appreciated all over the world.

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont

Fondazione: 1888

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