Drouin Experimental Caroni Angels 17 Y.O.

70 cl / 48.8°

Category: Calvados
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

The new release in Drouin's Experimental range is the result of a 30-year partnership between Luca Gargano and the Drouin family. In 2020, following a request from Guillaume Drouin, Luca found six empty casks of 1996 Caroni rum, which were delivered to the Daniel Flambard winery in Pont l'Evêque, and filled with a 17-year-old Calvados. The Calvados obtained after maturing for eight months in these barrels is powerful and rich, while retaining its freshness and liveliness.

How do I drink it?

Si degusta liscio ed è ottimo anche servito leggermente freddo in un bicchiere da vino, per far emergere al meglio i profumi.

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