The Balvenie 12 Y.O. the Sweet Toast Of American Oak

70 cl / 43°

Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Aging: Continentale
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

The 'Balvenie Stories' series recounts some of the production peculiarities of this historic Speyside distillery, which has remained among the few genuinely craft distilleries in Scotland. For this 12-year series, the focus was on the work of the master coopers working within Balvenie. Barrels of virgin white oak were imported from Kentucky and toasted directly at the distillery. This type of barrels, which have never known a distillate, are very active and capable of infusing the distillate with a large amount of aromatic compounds. For this reason, they were only used for the last part of the ageing of The Balvenie 12 Y.O. The Sweet Toast Of American Oak. A whisky with rich fruity notes, between apricot and yellow apple, and with distinct hints of honey and vanilla.

How do I drink it?

The distinct smoothness of this 12-year-old makes it an interesting single malt also in blending. We would try it in a whisky sour....


In Scotland, assembling, disassembling and maintaining casks is an ancient and expert job. Nowadays, most distilleries rely on large cooperage centres, ordering casks ready for whisky ageing, because it saves time and money; in Balvenie, however, there is still a cooperage, an activity that is certainly costly for the distillery but offers the possibility of better control over the quality of the woods used and less dependence on outside.

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