Hampden 8 Marks Collection Coffret

Category: Pure Single Rum
Fermentation: Native yeasts
Production method: Pot Still Distillation
Aging: Tropicale
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

This boxed set offers 8 variations of Hampen rums, allowing you to understand how as many as 8 different rums can come out of a single distillery, simply by playing with combinations of raw materials. It is therefore a unique tasting tool, offering the chance to fully understand the incredible diversity of the 8 marks of the great Jamaican rum and what makes each one unique within the range of expressions produced by the distillery.

The marks are in fact the acronyms that mark the casks at the distillery: the Distillery Managers used to mark acronyms on the casks to identify the rum inside them. Many meanings of these acronyms called marks have been lost over time, although they were usually simply the initials of the distiller or abbreviations for the characteristics of the liquid inside the barrel.


Jamaican rums have always been famous and sought after for their high level of esters. Thus, the Hampden fragrance in particular is known for its extraordinary aroma. Hampden Estate is considered a 'guardian' of the traditional Jamaican style of rum production, as it still uses an incredibly complex fermentation process. The alcoholic fermentation can last several days, depending on the mark produced. A secondary acetic fermentation then takes place, in which the dead wash is left to rest in open vats for several more days to further enhance esterification. Distillation takes place in traditional Double Retort Pot Stills. Hampden Estate operates 6 stills, and any one of them can be used to produce any of the 8 marks. The distillation process has less influence than fermentation on the final product, and mainly allows the complexity and intensity created during fermentation to emerge in the distillate. The final ABV is also the same for all 8 marks.

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