Nikka Tailored Special Pack

70 cl / 43°

Category: Blended Japanese Whisky
Raw material: cereali misti
Production method: Pot Still & Column Still Distillation
Aging: Continentale
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

Nikka Tailored It is made with predominantly Yoichi peat malt, soft malt from Miyagikyo and grain whisky from the Coffey Still plant also located in Miyagikyo. A whisky that is not overtly 12 years old, but which presents itself on the nose with ripe red and white fruit, dark chocolate and honey. On the palate, caramelised citrus confronts sweet dark chocolate.

Special Pack with two Nikka Whisky glasses.

How do I drink it?

Una bevuta liscia per gli amanti dell'eleganza e finezza dei whisky giapponesi. Su sfera di ghiaccio o in tumbler liscio.

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