Monin Paragon Palo Santo

48.5 cl

Production method: Estrazione
Box: No

Why it’s different

The new Paragon range, called The Mystic Collection, is finally available from Monin: a real journey through time in search of the wisdom and spirituality of ancient civilisations. An odyssey that has led Monin to rediscover some rare and precious fragrances, particularly balsamic, which have always been used to unite the visible with the invisible and reconnect human beings to their most authentic selves. A unique sensory experience in three fragrances:

Palo Santo: also known as holy wood, it is often confused with frankincense or myrrh, but actually flourishes in the botanical oasis of the Gran Chaco in South America. Used for centuries by the Maya and Inca peoples to ward off evil spirits during fumigation rituals, it is believed to bestow peace and serenity, uplifting the spirit.

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