Allpossibledaiquiris: the cocktail revolution in a bottle

2 agosto 2023

Introducing a new range of daiquiri expressions made with the world's most artisanal rum, organic lime juice and cane sugar syrup.

The world’s first range of rum brand-based bottled cocktails was inspired from a simple yet key concept: in any drink, the real star is the spirit used, especially the spirit brand – the core of any recipe.

This is the idea behind Allpossibledaiquiris, coupled with the belief that, when considering rum as a mixing spirit, the most iconic cocktail is the Daiquiri. There are only three ingredients: lime juice, cane sugar syrup and rum. In such a basic recipe, quality and balance of ingredients are key, and the type of rum used makes a huge difference in the resulting taste, intensity and drinking experience.

This range was created after conducting extensive research on quality and balance, with the goal to offer cocktail lovers the opportunity to enjoy a Daiquiri prepared with three of the world's most artisanal and historic rums:

  • Clairin, from Haiti's natural sugar cane;
  • Hampden, the legendary distillery in Jamaica's Trelawny region;
  • Rivers, the iconic Grenada distillery.

Each of these distilleries represents a unique heritage, producing some of the world’s only rums made from spontaneous fermentation and distilled in traditional stills.

Daiquiri: a clarification on definitions

The term ‘Sour’, which encompasses all citrus-flavored drinks, refers to acidity balancing sweetness. Citrus fruits – in this case, lime – and sugar are complementary and have been paired for centuries, in a variety of contexts, for their nutritional properties. They have defined mixology since its very beginning with world-famous cocktails like Rum, Whisky and Vodka Sour, Gimlet, Caipirinha and Margarita. In the Caribbean, the blending of sweet and sour ingredients is a tradition that involves all sugarcane-based local spirits in each country.

It was in the 1920s in Cuba that Rum Sour took on the specific name by which it's famous today - Daiquiri.

Cocktail culture tends to define the Daiquiri as a cocktail made exclusively with Cuban rum, but this regard for historical heritage doesn't consider the fact that today Cuban rum is no longer what it was in the 1920s. Today, a century later, we can easily find and compare a wide range of different rums, which can be mixed to make a Daiquiri; in short, what matters is not the definition, but what it actually represents and means in the history of the three ingredients. The very concept behind Allpossibledaiquiris is exposing people to the diversity of rum and its different styles and brands, using the Daiquiri as a showcase. 

The three Daiquiris

Each of the three Allpossibledaiquiris versions represents a specific take on the drink. As with all cocktails, each color and name represents the identity of a specific brand and the Daiquiri created from it.

Each variant has a different packaging reflecting the rum used:

Number one is #thewilddaiquiri made from Clairin, Haiti's natural sugar cane spirit. It's traditionally produced from organic sugar cane grown in wild terroirs, fermented spontaneously and distilled in small wood-fired stills. The variant used here is the Communal. The packaging is green with a brown border framing the label, representing natural sugar cane. In this Daiquiri the earthy nature of Clairin evolves rapidly towards citrusy notes of flowers, mimosa and chamomile, with a very delicate, silky texture.

Number two is #thefunkydaiquiri, produced from Hampden Estate's ancient HLCF formula, now known as Rum Fire, from the iconic distillery in Trelawny, Jamaica. Ancient wild fermentation techniques and a double distillation result in high levels of esters and an intense, “funky” aromatic profile. The packaging is orange like the rum's fermenting must, framed in a green border like the luxuriant region it comes from. Hampden's signature intensity speaks for itself, with aromas of ripe banana and pineapple exploding into botanicals, hay and aniseed.

Number three is #thelostdaiquiri, made with Rivers Rum from a timeless distillery in northern Grenada, powered not with electricity but by a single waterwheel. By gravity, cane juice reaches the ancient Boiling House and ferments with techniques that have now disappeared, before being distilled with a wood-fired still. The packaging is turquoise like the sea facing the distillery, and orange like the sun on the brand’s label. The punch to this rum is surprising, unexpected and buttery, with warm notes of wax and bay leaves evolving into savory spices, baharat and pumpkin.



The creative concept was developed by VERSO, a new independent company specializing in innovative solutions for beverages. The entire production process is handled by a cutting-edge workshop in Rome - one of the first in Italy - with ten years of experience in the industry.

The workshop complies with all of the strict food safety standards required by Italian and EU regulations for the production of beverages.

Of course, the two remaining ingredients - PGI lime juice from Sicily and cane sugar syrup - have also been carefully selected and are both organic. Their perfectly balanced combination changes in each version to bring out the origin, terroir and flavors of the rum used. The amount of water each product should be mixed with depends on the rum and is very important to obtain ideally balanced drinks. 

Air was also involved in the mixing process, as it contributes to ensuring a better consistency and drinkability for the bottled Daiquiris. 

The organoleptic and chemical qualities of each rum used were first analyzed to fully understand their aromatic characteristics and achieve the perfect result. The same analyses were repeated after production and show that the end products retain the original rum congeners.

Each of the three recipes was defined after extensive study, with the goal to preserve and bring out the aromatic identity of each rum, while at the same time making it easy to drink and with a more approachable strength.

The name Allpossibledaiquiris is suggestive of a plan to extend the range in the future, with more Daiquiri variants made with other high-end artisanal rums.