Saint James 2000 25th AOC Anniversary

Saint JamesMartinique
70 cl / 47°

Category: Rhum Agricole
Production method: Créole Column Distillation
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

This vertical tasting presents a unique series of millésime selected for their aromas and flavors from the Saint James barrel stock, a firm which has been making rum since 1884, choosing its 47% alcohol rums.

This journey through time to 1998, the year our oenologist made his Martinique debut, is also a chance to travel as far as the beginnings of AOC, which celebrated its 25th year in 2022, to the 250th anniversary of Saint James’s historic Trouvaillant plantations in 2015.

Concentrations bound up with ageing are expressed in the highly diverse colors of these rums, with young rums generally being lighter colored.

Millésime production conditions:
A much less dry year than 1998 but this year's sugar cane grew optimally all the same and ripened well

Tasting Notes

With its 47% alcohol, what stands out is its cigar box and walnut kernel aromas followed by roasting notes (dark chocolate) mixed up with forest undergrowth and cinnamon, with macerated fruit (plums) being the last to emerge.

Its liveliness in the mouth brings out cigar box and (sandal) wood aromas once again, as well as chocolate and roasting coffee, with a long fruit-macerated-in-eau de vie finish.

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