Amara Blood Orange IGP Tree Liquor Bark

50 cl / 30°

Category: Liquore
Raw material: Arancia rossa di Sicilia IGP
Production method: Infusion
Box: No

Why it’s different

Amara Bark is the new limited and numbered edition release from the house of Amara.

Amara Bark encapsulates all the scents and aromas of the volcanic agricultural countryside, and at the same time looks at environmental sustainability: during the summer pruning of the family's orange groves, in fact, the bark of the strongest branches is removed. This sap-rich, intensely scented wood, instead of being disposed of, is thus ennobled in the production of a unique bitter produced by letting the bark rest in an alcoholic infusion for six months together with herbs spontaneous Etna herbs, to which spring water gushing out at 1200 metres on the volcano is then added and very little sugar.

The result is a bitter of great complexity, rich in vegetable hints.

How do I drink it?

Amara è un liquore dalle note amaricanti, ideale sia come aperitivo servito con ghiaccio che come digestivo proposto liscio e servito freddo. È un ottimo ingrediente per la miscelazione, ad esempio dello Spritz. Per apprezzarne al meglio gli aromi, il cocktail ideale è l'Amara Ginger: 40 ml Amara, 60 ml Slavcek spumante metodo classico Vicorija, 20 ml Fever-Tree GInger Ale, da preparare in bicchiere colmo di ghiaccio e guarnire con zenzero fresco, scorza di arancia e ramoscello di timo.

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