Our Wine

By Velier

Our collaboration with the Georgian winery Our Wine began in 2014, as part of the project launched by the 'Triple A' manifesto. In this manifesto, in fact, the winery is included as one of the most representative brands, given the very ancient method of vinification in amphora, the ancestral production choices and the biodynamic method used in the cultivation of the vineyards. The wines of the Our Wine cellar reflect the character and extremism typical of a land where the celebration of this nectar takes place through rites and ceremonies aimed at conviviality.



Our Wine is a winery based in the heart of eastern Georgia. Its history stems from the friendship of five friends who share the dream and passion of producing wine according to Georgian wine-making traditions. The vines, extending over a little more than 6 hectares at about 300/400 metres above sea level, facing east, are between 15 and 45 years old and are located near the villages of Kardanaki and Bakurtsikhe, in the province of Kakheti, at the foot of the Caucasus, on plots considered among the best terroirs in the area: 'Tsarapi', 'Akhoebi' and 'Uroebi'. Cultivation has been conducted according to the dictates of biodynamic agriculture since 2009.

Production method

Our Wine wines are made from the indigenous white grape varieties Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Khikhvi and the indigenous red grape variety Saperavi. The grapes are vinified according to ancestral methods, in buried earthenware amphorae, locally called Kvevri, ensuring a relatively low and constant fermentation temperature. The vinification process typical of the Kakheti region, which involves a long maceration on the skins and stalks, allows the extraction of a maximum of substances that play a key role in giving the wine its structure and marked tannicity, as well as its beautiful amber colour.

Country: Georgia

Fondazione: 2003