Special editions presented exclusively for Velier Live 2024

14 febbraio 2024

We present three unique bottlings specially created for Velier Live 2024, which will be sold exclusively during the event on February 18 and 19 in Milan.

From Master Distiller Vittorio Capovilla's "Last Century" to Italy's first whisky Florentis and Carsa-8, an exceptional Clairin aged in Caroni barrels - these are the releases specially created and bottled in unique editions for Velier Live 2024, available exclusively to participants in the big event set to take place in Milan on February 18 and 19. 

Capovilla Last Century

Vittorio Gianni Capovilla, AKA Capo, renowned as one of the world’s most distinguished distillers - by far the best according to many - has a special dedication to his main passion, the creation of fruit spirits.

Established in cooperation with his daughter Olivia, the Capovilla farm company uses small water bath stills made by a skilled craftsman from the Black Forest in Germany.

Exclusively for Velier Live 2024, Velier has selected four special distillations from Capovilla which the Master Distiller created at the end of the last century for a friend who passed away prematurely. The stock has been lying aside ever since until it was rediscovered by Luca Gargano, who decided to buy it and give it new life. He created the label and called it Century, as the bottlings date back to the late nineties of the last century. The four unique, never-to-be-repeated distillations include:

Orange Blossom Muscat spirit 

This unique spirit is made from a Yellow Muscat grape variety known as Orange Blossom Muscat, characteristic to the Euganean Hills in the province of Padua. This particular grape was chosen by Maestro Capovilla for its famously spicy, floral notes.

The spirit is obtained from a two-step water bath process, which brings out its distinctive notes.


Williams Pear spirit 

This premium spirit is made from the distillation of Williams pears from old trees grown in the area around the Levico and Caldonazzo lakes.

Picked at the optimal ripeness stage, the pears are left to ferment spontaneously, then undergo a two-step water bath distillation process.


Eau de vie de bière

This special spirit is the result of the double water bath distillation of a high-fermentation double-malt blonde ale.

The beer itself is unique as it's created according to Capovilla's exclusive recipe and produced specifically for this release.


Grappa Erminia

This grappa is obtained from the meticulous water bath distillation of the marc of two renowned wines from the Veneto region - Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto di Soave.

After the distillation process, Grappa Erminia is left to rest patiently for a long time and is then brought down to the desired strength only using spring water with no other addition.

Florentis Tuscan Malt Whisky

Florentis Tuscan Malt Whisky Primo Single Cask is the first chapter in the world of whisky for the Chioccioli Altadonna family - famous winemakers and owners of Winestillery, who recently also started construction of a new distillery in Florence by converting a beautiful former car body shop from the fifties. 

Distilled at the Winestillery headquarters in Gaiole in Chianti, Florentis is a new product that joined Velier’s portfolio with the first two editions - ex Vin Santo and Super Tuscan red wine.  

The production process involves a six-day spontaneous fermentation and the use of a pot still made by Frilli, also a Tuscan company. This is a real innovation as it's a double retort with two columns, that is, a hybrid still that allows to distil with both traditional techniques at the same time. 

For Velier Live 2024 Luca Gargano personally selected an exceptional single cask aged in 225-liter Tuscan oak barrels previously used for Super Tuscan red wines. It was named "Primo" because it's the first whisky in the history of Florentis as well as the first Italian whisky distributed by Velier.  

Made with Italian barley, rye and wheat with the addition of water from the Fiora Springs, this whisky is produced in a climate with highs of 27° C, lows of 14° C and constant humidity around 50%. 

Florentis Tuscan Malt Whisky Primo Single Cask is the embodiment of top-level craftsmanship and dedication to tradition, offering a unique and authentic Italian whisky experience.

Clairin Sajous Carsa-8 - Pure Single Haitian Rum

For many years now, rum lovers have been considering Haiti and its Clairins as the last frontier of rum – a testament to a Caribbean world that is gradually disappearing under the impact of mass tourism and globalization.


Carsa-8 comes from the first aged Clairins - an exceptional spirit obtained by distilling Cristalline sugar cane, which thrives in Haiti's pristine nature on the Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye plateau. Distilled by Michel Sajous in 2016, it was aged for five years in a tropical climate in barrels that formerly contained the legendary Caroni rum. After 2021 the spirit continued maturing in foudres before being bottled at full strength in January 2024.  

This single cask rum is a special edition created for Velier Live and specifically chosen to offer an exclusive taste experience reflecting Michel Sajous's unparalleled craftsmanship and the unique contribution of the Haitian climate to the aging process. 

Although still relatively young, aged Sajous can already be considered a collector's item. As Luca Gargano himself said,

"In the future, Sajous will probably be seen as a kind of new Caroni - not because it will no longer exist, but because once aged for twelve or thirteen years it will be an amazing rum, and collectors will be on the hunt for the first releases, like this one."


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