EcoSPIRITS's eco-friendly breakthrough is finally a reality in Italy

11 ottobre 2023


A quick overview of the wine shops, bars and hotels that have decided to join the revolution in spirits distribution.

We've already talked about ecoSPIRITS on the eve of its launch in Italy, and we will talk about it a lot more in the future. 

Clearly, this innovative technology has quickly attracted a lot of interest, as it promised to revolutionize the spirits distribution chain. At the heart of the project are Ecototes - reusable containers that make it possible to significantly reduce traditional single-use bottles, also eliminating the caps, labels, cartons and plastic packaging that go with them and which must be disposed of daily.

This already international-award-winning system offers a real global solution to the single-use waste crisis, ensuring a 60-90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the packaging, distribution and consumption of wine and spirits. More in detail, the ecoSPIRITS technology saves an average of 30 grams of CO2 emissions per cocktail, not to mention an additional 120 grams of CO2 per cocktail absorbed by the trees planted with the Forest Program - totaling 150 g of CO2 per cocktail, the equivalent of over a kilometer travelled by car.


*calculated on an average emission of 141g co2 per km (conservative figure compared to the 2016 Italian average of 110g co2 per km)

Considering that 100 cocktails can be prepared with each Ecotote refill, it's easy to understand the extent of the environmental benefits this technology offers.

Each Ecotote cycle replaces an average of 6 and a half bottles, with a 35% savings in space and 95% in waste.

Among the first to join the system were the producers of Engine Organic Pure Gin, Portofino Gin, Hampden Estate Jamaican Rum, Clarin Communal Haiti Rum, Cachaça Yaguara, Los Arcos, T&T and Widges.

Today the ecoSPIRITS system is present in 23 countries, with over a thousand establishments having already joined, including World's and Asia's 50 Best bars, Michelin-starred restaurants and premium hotels.

For the launch of the project in Italy, a limited number of venues were selected and received Ecototes in the summer - the first group of visionary pioneers. These included different venues in various parts of the country, united by the commitment to promote an unprecedented green revolution in the spirits industry.

Thanks to them, 200 trees have already been planted in reforestation and biodiversity conservation projects in Thailand, Borneo and Sumatra. This translates to 2000 kg less waste in landfills and waste collection centers as well as 20,000 kilometers of car travel compensated. And this is just the beginning.

We spoke with some of the people managing these establishments about why they chose ecoSPIRITS and their experience with it.

Alex Frezza is one of the world's most respected and talented bartenders and his L'Antiquario in Naples has been one of the temples of good drinking for many years. Here too, Ecototes will make every cocktail significantly more sustainable for the environment. 

"I like this technology because it's very versatile, it can be adapted to many things," says Alex. "I can also see many future developments that we may not have thought about yet. I'm thinking, for example, what else I could put in those drums, what I could serve in my bar. It’s essential but very flexible at the same time. I chose ecoSPIRITS because it's a bottom-up project that stems from the needs of bartenders, and because it helps me a lot in managing stocks and order preparation. It's extremely practical and also has a very strong environmental impact, something that's usually very difficult to integrate in bars."

Located in Bogliasco, just outside Genoa, Il Bistrotto is the "bluest" place on the Ligurian Riviera and a historic bar, in operation since 1982. Francesco Tiraoro, one of the three owners since 2018, explains their choice: 

"At Il Bistrotto we chose ecoSPIRITS because ever since we first opened, we've always been keen on anything connected to sustainability and environmental impact. We had already eliminated plastic in all its forms and we saw an opportunity to do more. We loved the idea, plus I must say this is definitely a convenient system if you run a small bar like ours, as it makes warehouse management a lot easier."


Ecototes have also landed at Turin-based Puntosette, a lively, creative cocktail bar and restaurant. Here is what Alessio Cogerino told us: 

"We chose ecoSPIRITS mainly for its innovativeness, and secondly because it saves space in our warehouse. It's also very convenient and adaptable to a variety of uses, both for batching and to fill the bottles on the rack. But the main reason we chose it is because through this kind of initiatives we feel we can do our part in helping the environment by significantly decreasing the amount of waste glass, caps and labels and striving to pollute less and less. In short, even bars can make the difference!"

Also located in Turin, Piano 35 Lounge Bar offers a selection of innovative drinks with a breathtaking view of the city. Manager Ansony Murcia explains the reason for their choice: 

"The ecoSPIRITS project caught our eye a few months before it began to be distributed in Italy. We tried to contact them, but they had no partners in the country at the time. As soon as we discovered that Velier had decided to embrace the project, we had no doubt it should be part of the Piano 35 DNA. ecoSPIRITS is a perfect fit for our workplace - a bioclimatic greenhouse located at an altitude of 150 meters in a building that has been winning the Lead Platinum award for years as one of the most eco-friendly structures in Europe. ecoSPIRITS also offers us the opportunity to seriously reflect on the concept of waste in our line of work, as well as to expand our vision of work efficiency. Ecototes are space-saving as well as very practical during counter service. The main reasons we like the project are the convenience of its linear, space-saving packaging, actual sustainability and environmental responsibility."

Since 2016, Three Monkeys in Imperia has been continuously seeking out the best spirits as well as pioneering wine producers. Bartenders Antonella Bellini, Niccolò Corticelli and Giorgio Rosati know exactly what they want: 

"We chose ecoSPIRITS because we have always been sensitive to the environmental issue and, in our own small way, have always tried to make choices that would promote reusage. With ecoSPIRITS we found a good, practical solution with quality spirits. It's a virtuous circle that immediately won us over and which we want to be part of. What we like about the system is that it's easy to use - something we weren't sure about in the beginning, but it proved extremely practical in our day-to-day as well as eco-friendly."

Southern Italy is also playing a key role in embracing ecoSPIRITS's revolutionary vision. In Lecce, the vintage atmosphere of Saloon Keeper 1933 meets the future, with Ecototes sitting alongside 1920s lampshades and sideboards. As Cristian Pellegrino tells us, 

"I have always been a Velier fan, embracing all of Velier's ideas, including new products in the catalogue and Luca Gargano's way of thinking. So I just had to be part of this cutting-edge project, both because it saves on glass and because it optimizes transport, not to mention all of the environmental benefits. I also like to try new ideas and be part of new projects, so I was happy to respond to Velier's ‘call’". 

Further south, Sunset Beach Club brings the technology behind ecoSPIRITS's third-millennium demijohns just a few steps from the beautiful Calabrian Sea in the town of Palmi. "Working in close contact with nature, the sea and the beach, we take great interest and are very active in green initiatives," says Domenico Lamanna

"The issue affects us closely, so for a few years now we've been paying special attention to this topic – for example, we only provide paper straws and glasses for beach service. Of course, when we were told about this project we didn't hesitate for a second. This system is helpful for the environment and smart at the same time: you just click on the little keypad and get the pour you need. This is a clear case of technology helping the environment.”

In Reggio Calabria, Piro Piro is a place where tradition embraces experimentation in a sophisticated, lively environment. Laura Saraceno expressed her satisfaction in participating in the project: 

"Every drop can become an ocean... and now in our cocktails customers can find hope for a greener and more sustainable future."