The Real McCoy 10 Y.O. Virgin Oak Special Release

70 cl / 46°

Category: Single Blended Rum
Production method: Pot Still & Coffey Still Distillation
Box: No

Why it’s different

A limited edition rum, created at Foursquare starting from two batches aged separately: the first spends 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, while the second ages for 10 years in virgin American oak barrels. The two batches are then carefully mixed, obtaining a rich aromatic profile in which the distillate in copper pot still is in a higher percentage. An example of the authentic style of aged rums that have made Barbados famous around the world.


The Real McCoy is a rum that best reflects the style of Barbados rums. It is a single blended that combines two distillation methods: continuous in coffey column and discontinuous in pot still in the traditional "double retort" form. It was born from the mind of Bailey Pryor, an American film producer, while filming a documentary dedicated to the curious story of Bill McCoy, the legendary "Rum Runner" who became famous during the Prohibition years. Having fallen in love with the character featured in his documentary, Bailey thus decided to have a new rum created in his honor, The Real McCoy: first of all, it was necessary to have a large liquid, like that rum that the famous Rum Runner of Prohibition smuggled across the ocean. Bailey set off for Barbados to meet RIchard Seale, the owner and master distiller of Foursquare, known as one of the best distillers in the world, the one who today distills and assembles the Real Mcoy. Bill MC Coy, the rum smuggler and pioneer of the ""Rum Runners,"" had been the first to set sail for the Caribbean returning to New York with holds loaded with barrels of rum. Bill McCoy was born in 1877 to a family of Scottish descent. who became famous for being a "gentleman outlaw" was anything but a stranger to the sea: he was an expert sailor, which is also why he was comfortable sailing among the islands of the Caribbean and to all destinations that could provide him with quality alcohol to trade in his floating wine shop in international waters. McCoy came from a nautical school background in the state of Pennsylvania, with years of sailing under his belt, he also became a respected boat builder, a business he launched with his brother once they moved to Florida before turning to the business of bootlegging, a career he had to pursue because of a deep crisis in his boatyard. Bill became famous for an ingenious idea: during the Prohibition years the limit of international waters was set at 3 miles, so McCoy always made sure to stay away from this limit, which was insurmountable for American law enforcement, which allowed the famous Rum Runner to trade his rum without ever getting caught by the police. The reason Bill became famous, earning the nickname "The Real McCoy" was because of his reputation as a "gentleman smuggler": in fact, his colleagues often altered the rum by diluting it and adding other substances to it, while Bill kept the iquids he sold intact, always guaranteeing the highest quality, an absolute, true, "Real" quality.

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