By Velier

Our encounter with Riedel stems from our philosophy, which in this case led us to collaborate with this innovative and evolving company, which continues to play a leading role in the production of modern and functional glasses. Thus for example Georg J. Riedel, belonging to the tenth generation, continued his father's research by introducing sensory laboratories as a way of testing and refining products with the help of experienced sommeliers and winemakers. In 1986, Georg created Vinum, the world's first collection of glasses made according to the characteristics of each grape variety. These glasses interact with the wine to better show its depth and create more balance.



The brand revolutionised the world of glassware production with Claus J. Riedel, the ninth generation, who designed the first collection of wine glasses in 1974. This line of excellence, 'Sommeliers', served as a forerunner for the future of glass design. The company is now led by eleventh-generation Maximilian Riedel, who took over as managing director in 2014 and has since continued to adapt the brand to the needs of modern drinkers. From the introduction of the 'O' series to his original line of functional decanters, Maximilian aims to build on the foundation of the incredible heritage left by his family. His latest innovations are in the world of cocktails, with the aim of extending Riedel's ingenuity beyond wine.

Production method

Each chalice consists of three parts: the drinker, the stem and the base. The variables that determine the particular design of a goblet and its conformation are the height of the stem and the width of the base. Goblets designed in exclusive relation to the characteristics of each grape variety are characterised by a highly professional drinker, to whose creation three variables contribute: shape, size and diameter. This is because the varietal-specific glasses must enhance the personality of the wine, within the most suitable shapes, transmitting it to the senses in a perfect organoleptic picture.

Country: Germany

Fondazione: 1974

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2016

Sito web: riedel.com