Domaine de Canton: The World's Original Ginger Liqueur

26 giugno 2024

Domaine de Canton takes traditional ginger liqueur, widely appreciated for its digestive and energizing properties, to new heights with a meticulous selection of the best ingredients and careful production process.

Domaine de Canton is a French ginger liqueur with a brandy base, crafted in small batches at the St. Dalfour Distillery in Jarnac.

The liqueur's name originates from the Canton region, China, where it was initially produced. The original version, known as The Original Canton Delicate Ginger Liqueur, was available from 1992 to 1997. Imported from the Guangdong province, according to legend it was created centuries ago for the Qing dynasty from six ginger varieties, delicate herbs and ginseng, which were then mixed with brandy and sweetened with honey.

A decade later, John Cooper developed a new formula in France. This updated liqueur, stronger at 28 percent ABV (56 proof), was introduced in the U.S. in 2007 as Canton Ginger & Cognac Liqueur and acquired by Heaven Hill Brands. In 2008, its name was changed to Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur.

Ingredients and production process

Domaine de Canton is crafted from an infusion of baby ginger with cognac, Tunisian ginseng, Tahitian vanilla beans, and Provençal honey. The ginger is handpicked, washed, and cubed before being combined with herbs and spices.

Every ingredient for Domaine de Canton is meticulously sourced. The ginger, celebrated for centuries for its health benefits and properties, is selected from Asia. Baby ginger is specifically chosen for its unique flavor and viscosity. After being hand-cut, rinsed, and dried for several days, it is prepared for inclusion in the recipe. Hand-selected Tahitian vanilla beans and Provençal honey are also carefully added, creating a flavor profile that is exceptionally delicious and balanced.

A fourth-generation master distiller oversees the production of every batch of Domaine de Canton, ensuring that the blending of flavors, eau de vie or “Water of Life”, and cognac is conducted with the utmost care.

French distillers have honed the art of crafting premium spirits for centuries. The meticulously prepared baby ginger is transported to the distillery, where it is macerated with eau de vie. It is then blended with French Cognac, distilled in the Aquitaine region of southeast France, renowned for its Cognac and Bordeaux wines. This fusion of ginger and a distinctive mix of ingredients, combined with the rich traditions of fine French Cognac, results in a unique French ginger liqueur that will transport drinkers into an elegant, timeless atmosphere of tropical romanticism and continental refinement.

How to drink it

There is no best way to drink Domaine de Canton, or rather, there are two, both excellent.  It can be enjoyed on its own, whether served on the rocks or slightly chilled, but it also truly excels in mixology. It’s a versatile liqueur perfect to create quality cocktails, which makes it a favorite with bartenders around the world. It pairs well with a variety of herbs, fruits, and spices, and complements every style of spirit. It can be substituted in cocktail recipes that call for ginger, brandy, or a spicy syrup.

An excellent example is Ginger Spritz, a twist on a top trending cocktail that showcases the delicious ginger flavor of Domaine de Canton. For a range of mixology ideas, visit