Distillerie De Monaco

Distillerie De Monaco



Founded in 2017 in the heart of the elegant Condamine district, La Distillerie de Monaco is the Principality's first and only distillery. Long before luxury tourism, yachts and the Grand Prix, the Monegasque territory based much of its economy on the cultivation of citrus fruits and Mediterranean fruits. The stated aim is to encapsulate in each bottle the authentic flavours and aromas of this terroir, using raw materials of the highest quality combined with strictly artisanal methods. Distillerie de Monaco's first customers were the region's most prestigious hotels, restaurants, bars and independent shops, but the distillery is increasingly expanding its influence in foreign markets as well. .

Production methods

Raw materials are the main strength of the Distillerie de Monaco: the fruits are cultivated naturally, with full respect for nature and the land and without pesticides. The three products produced so far are: Gin aux Agrumes, a combination of local and untreated bitter and sweet oranges, Menton lemons, fresh ginger, Sichuan pepper and lemon thyme, as well as, of course, juniper berries; L'Orangerie, a premium liqueur made from the bitter oranges that line the boulevards of the Principality, the aroma of which is extracted and processed by hand; Carob, a liqueur whose main ingredient comes from Monaco's national tree; carob pods are roasted and macerated by hand to extract the best of the complex aromas. All three liqueurs are made without preservatives or any kind of artificial element.

Country: France