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The passion and experience of Gabriello Santoni and his family have grown over time along with the notoriety of their creations. As early as the mid-1960s, there were many relationships that linked the founder Gabriello to the most important celebrities of sport and show business, making Santoni products a myth even in those years. Our collaboration with Santoni began in 2021, in the name of the craftsmanship that still characterises the company today, more than half a century after its foundation, a care that is perfectly in line with Velier's philosophy.



Distilleria Santoni was established in 1961 in Chianciano Terme from the passion of Gabriello Santoni, its founder. The product that launched the company was its 'amaro with a map': a careful blend of 34 herbs and roots, all precious expressions of an extraordinary territory, that of the Tuscan countryside, renowned and loved throughout the world. A protagonist of consumption in the premises of Chianciano Terme since those years, Santoni has established itself over time as a symbol of Italian Life Style. Artisanal care, combined with a fervent spirit of innovation, has enabled Santoni to achieve a high level of refinement in its flavours.

Production method

Santoni Spirits offers a fine collection of different products, all linked to the Tuscan territory, bringing back the intense perfumes and aromas of its soft hills, together with the fresh and citrus scents of the Mediterranean sea, to the enveloping fragrances of the Alpine peaks. Santoni processes each product with respect for tradition, starting with its historic Amaro made from 34 herbs, made exclusively with the infusion of natural ingredients and characterised by citrus notes, as well as olive leaf, iris flower and, above all, rhubarb.

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany

Fondazione: 1961

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2021

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