Florentis Tuscan Malt Whisky Single Cask VL 2024

70 cl / 50°

Category: Whisky Liqueur
Production method: Pot Still Distillation
Aging: Continentale
Box: Yes

Why it’s different

Winestillery Florentis Tuscan Malt Whisky Primo opens a new chapter in the world of whisky for the Chioccioli Altadonna family: it is an extraordinary Single Cask that has been selected by Luca Gargano for Velier Live 2024. The production process involves a six-day spontaneous fermentation, the use of a 'Frilli' type pot still, a hybrid copper still and a single discontinuous distillation. The whisky is then matured in 225-litre Tuscan oak barrels previously used for super Tuscan red wines. Made from Italian barley, rye and wheat, and enriched by water from the Fiora Springs, this whisky is produced in a climate that has maximum temperatures of 27°C and minimums of 14°C, with humidity always around 50%. This Single Cask embodies craft excellence and dedication to tradition, offering a unique and authentic experience in the world of Italian whisky.

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