Triple Entente, three rums with a single goal

6 maggio 2024

Presented for the first time at the recent Velier Live event, the new project features three white rums from three of the few remaining independent distilleries - Foursquare, Neisson and Hampden.

The Triple Entente project consists of a box set - available in just 600 pieces - containing three white rums from three different terroirs and three different distilleries, among the few to remain independent - Foursquare, Neisson and Hampden.

The three terroirs – Barbados, Martinique and Jamaica – are very different and produce rum from different ingredients including cane juice, molasses or a mix of both, with different kinds of stills. "Three cultural stories that resulted in the same raw ingredient - sugar cane - producing different flavor profiles," explains Luca Gargano, who right from the start strongly believed in a project that unites him with the Seale, Neisson and Hussey families in a shared, Velier-istic commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Neisson's Grégory Vernant explains how the first seeds of the project were planted: 

"The idea didn't stem from emotion but from a joint reflection with Richard Seale on the importance of getting to know each other better, since we are the last family-run producers supporting transparency in our products."

Richard Seale continues:

"During Neisson's 90th anniversary event, which I was lucky enough to attend, Grégory and I discussed the importance of cooperation and mutual support for small family-run distilleries."

It was Richard who came up with the name Triple Entente, which reflects the idea of friendly cooperation between families united by a common approach. In addition to raw ingredients and a commitment to transparency and quality, the problems independent family-run distilleries face in a world of global corporations also tend to be the same. As a result, the project plays an essential role in showcasing the huge variety in the world of rum, where traditional production methods result in a wide range of aromas and alliances are key in resisting commercial pressures.

"The idea," says Grégory Vernant, "is for the group to grow and meet at least once a year to exchange ideas, help each other and understand how to stand up to large corporations who have no regard for our traditions and the authenticity of our products and our islands."

As for the choice of rums to include in the box set, Richard Seale is very clear:

"We chose to produce white rum because we wanted to demonstrate how each island's unique history and culture could be individually expressed through the same basic ingredient, sugar cane."

The choice of white rum is also strongly supported by Luca Gargano, who believes "great aged rum always comes from great white rum."

The Triple Entente project was first presented during Velier Live on 18 and 19 February, in the presence of Luca Gargano, Grégory Neisson and Richard Seale.

the three releases

Hampden Jamaica pure single rum (2024, 62%)

The distillery was asked to make a special mark that would reflect the union theme. The result was the R<>H mark, a tribute to Andrew's mother Ruth Hussey, who together with her husband Lawrence bought Hampden in 2009.

The R<>H mark refers to a rum with a range of esters at the time of distillation of 800-900 gr/hlpa, and is closely connected to the history of the distillery.

Hampden is a powerful rum with strong notes of esters and varnish coupled with a distinctive tropical aroma.


Neisson Martinique rhum blanc agricole (2024, 52.5%)

Neisson presents an agricultural rum produced according to AOC guidelines, featuring a very long fermentation ranging between 96 to 124 hours and eight different sugar cane varieties.

This brut de colonne was slowly reduced to 52.5% ABV before ageing for at least three months in stainless steel vats.

The predominant note is strongly grassy with hints of aromatic herbs and fermented fruit and the overarching sweetness of sugarcane juice.


Foursquare Barbados pure single rum (2024, 62%)

This Foursquare release was distilled exclusively in a double retort pot still, but fermented from sugarcane molasses and freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. The molasses was fermented for about 72 hours with the addition of a single cultured strain, while the fresh cane juice was fermented with natural yeasts for several weeks.

Extremely fruity, full-bodied and oily, this rum has great balance despite a high alcohol content of 62%.