Worthy Park Select

70 cl / 40°

Fermentation: Selected yeasts
Production method: Pot Still Distillation
Aging: Tropicale
Box: No

Why it’s different

This Jamaican rum is produced from the blend of a selection of Worthy Park 100% Copper Pot Distilled rums that have been aged between 4 and 12 years at the distillery in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels.


In operation since 1670, Worthy Park Estate is the oldest agricultural estate in Jamaica. It all starts with the more than 10 000 acres of Lluidas Vale, 40% of which is planted with the more than 20 varieties of sugar cane. Harvesting is done 80% manually, an ancient method that preserves all the qualities of the cane. The cane harvest takes place during a limited period of six months, starting in January and ending in June, while the rest of the year is spent maintaining the machinery and setting up the fields, which will be ready exactly one year after the harvest.

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