Liquori dell'Etna

Liquori dell'Etna

By Velier

The black soils of the contrade are at the origin of the quality of every fruit. They are born in a magical territory, naturally suited to the excellence of agricultural production, where the mystical energy of Etna meets the fascinating interweaving of a history with legendary contours.



From the creators of Amaro Amara, comes Liquori dell'Etna, another ingenious tribute to Sicily and the fertile and enchanting land surrounding Europe's highest volcano. Ten liqueurs, each based on a different fruit harvested in the Etnean districts, the famous black lands of volcanic origin.

Sicilian citrus fruits are famous the world over and, of course, the Primo Fiore lemon liqueur and the Tarocco Gallo orange liqueur stand out. Both fruits are harvested in Misterbianco, while the late Marzola mandarin comes from the Blanco district in Catania: here, at an altitude of 180 metres, temperature excursions favour the birth of a fruit with rich aromas.

In addition to citrus fruits, Liquori dell'Etna also bottles the Pera Coscia dell'Etna from contrada Melia in Ragalna, 1000 metres above sea level. Harvested in September, a little late in ripening, it stands out for its delicately sugary flavour.
And then there is Etna's famous Pesca Tabacchiera, a Slow food presidium cultivated in just a few municipalities on the slopes of the volcano, a rare alcoholic delight.

Prickly pears, the Sicilian fruit par excellence, grow in Santa Maria di Licodia in contrada Distacco, while the juicy and sweet black mulberries, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, are harvested in July at an altitude of 1,000 metres, in contrada Monte Arso in Ragalna. Spectacular are the Etna liqueurs made from red fruits: the Etna PDO cherry, cultivar Mastrantoni, and the Maletto strawberry, a Slow Food presidium that grows in contrada Tartaraci at 960 metres above sea level.

And finally, the Mela Delizia dell'Etna, one of the most emblematic species of the volcano's biodiversity. This liqueur is made by steeping and infusing the pulp in alcohol for at least 60 days.

Production method

Etna liqueurs reproduce ancient peasant recipes, valorise rare indigenous varieties and are produced solely from water, agricultural alcohol, sugar and fresh fruit infusion, with a pleasant alcohol content of 30% vol.

Country: Italy

Fondazione: 1867

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2021

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