By Velier

One of our greatest pleasures is when one of our customers, perhaps also thanks to our research work and our passion, goes on to produce something in the world they are connected to. That is why, as an attitude, we tend to help develop and take forward their research and ideas. Thus Teapiù was born from the experimenters and passionate owners of the XXL café, an establishment born in 2007 in Chivasso, a few kilometres from Turin.



Teapiù was born from the mixing and experimentation experience of the owners of the XXL café, an establishment established in 2007 in Chivasso a few kilometres from Turin. Their spirit of research led them to produce a liqueur with one of the world's most popular ingredients: teà. After much testing, 'T+', a tea liqueur made entirely in Italy, has arrived. Unique in its kind, it stands out for its taste and innovative use.

Production method

Derived from the careful selection of leaf teas, Teapiù is a distillate made from soft grain and spring water. The ingredients are carefully chosen and are of the highest quality. The liquid, once distilled, undergoes a very gentle filtration to enhance its taste and aroma. It is produced without any aritifical colouring agents and with a low sugar content.

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont

Fondazione: 2016

Distribuito da Velier dal: 2016

Sito web: www.teapiu.com