Winestillery Hyper Low Gin

10 cl / 70°

Category: Gin
Box: No

Why it’s different

Hyper Low Gin is a distillate of extraordinary intensity, obtained through a secret distillation technique. The main botanicals are juniper, coriander, lemon,

iris root. Simply add 1 ml to 200 ml of tonic water for a non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic. A true revolution in the world of no-low alcohol drinking.


A unique territory, where gentle cultivated hills are crossed by unmistakable rows of cypress trees, and a family that has been in the wine business for two generations. These are the ingredients of Winestillery, a company founded on a project that is as simple as it is natural: to pay homage to the Chianti Classico region by creating products that encapsulate the terroir in all its nuances.

Each of these products has a natural wine base, where fermentation takes place without the addition of selected yeasts.

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