Palenque Mexicano Onofre Ortiz

70 cl / 47.9°

Category: Agave Distillate

Why it’s different

From the Palenque Project, this craft agave distillate made from Maguey Mexicano comes from Bramaderos, Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Oaxaca, and is produced by Alberto and Onofre Ortiz, father and son and fourth and fifth generation palenqueros. Their excellent work is due to the use of personal recipes with a variety of agave blends: an ancient practice, determined by the availability of the plants in the chosen field.

Aromatic notes: Chemical, vegetal, ripe fruit notes, with nuances of milk.

Tasting notes: Sweet, herbaceous, resinous. Toasted caramel, burnt cream, almond and peanut evolving towards herbaceous and fruity.


The Palenque project is the brainchild of Luca Gargano, who involved six agave distillate producers from various villages in the state of Oaxaca and project coordinator Hector Vazquez. The Maestros Palenqueros aim to draw a detailed map of Oaxaca's terroir, the diversity of agave species and the natural conditions that give the agave a wealth of information during its long growing process. These producers operate with an artisanal approach, some introducing modern changes at various stages of production, always paying attention to the quality of the soil, the agave and the production process, based on their personal recipe.

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