Akkeshi Blended Usui 2021

70 cl / 48°

Category: Blended Japanese Whisky

Why it’s different

Taisho is the twelfth of the bottles in the 24 Solar Terms' series: each represents a phase of the lunar calendar, an important element in Japanese tradition, and is intended to show how it can influence the production of the malt distillate. This is a peaty whisky inspired by the height of summer, the hottest time of the year in Japan. The indigo-coloured label is reminiscent of the Yukata kimono, typically used at that time. The base of Akkeshi Taisho Blended is made with malt from Hokkaido and grown by Akkeshi. The rest of the malt used, however, is imported and aged on the island in Mizunara and Bourbon barrels.

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