The New Habitation Velier

The New Habitation Velier

We present you three world premier from the range Habitation Velier:


From 265 years, the Hampden distillery has been producing rums of different flavor profiles and level of esters, historically destinated both to neat consumption and to the several rum blenders in England. All these formulas (marks) are identified with specific unique acronyms: this HGML means Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson, because it was the mark created by the legendary owner and master distiller that created the Trelawny method in second part of 19th century. It is a very high-intensity rum with a content of 769 grams of esters / hectoliter of pure alcohol, the index used for esters’ measure. It is a mark surely produced using different raw materials and dunders in fermentation. Very rare and never been bottled in the history of Hampden. It represents today an important heritage of the tradition of Trelawny, the region is north west Jamaica in which these particular rums are still produced.


Long Pond distillery is operating from the end of ‘700 in Trelawny, north west of Jamaica. Historically produced different types of rums destinated both to neat consumption and to the blenders in England. The same work was done by other distilleries in the region. But after the second world war many plants closed and Long Pond had requested to be in charge of reproducing the formulas of all distilleries closing, to continue to supply the blenders in the mother country. All these formulas are identified with specific unique acronyms: this TECA means Tilston Estate Continental A from the name of the distillery, now closed, in which this mark was created. Continental means, moreover, that is an extremely high ester rum, 1.285,4 gr/hlpa, belonging to the so-called category of ‘continental flavoured’ rum, all those high esters rum destinated to blends only, considered too aromatic for a neat consumption. Together with TECB and TECC, this TECA is among the highest ester rums known from the distillery. Habitation Velier decided to bottle it to make a tribute to this old tradition and to offer a unique experience of tasting.


Monymusk is the historical name of the plantation in Lionel Town, south of Jamaica and their rums. Now the plant is known as Clarendon Distillery Ltd. There are two parts of the plant, one producing neutral spirit with a new multicolumn of 2006 and the original part, dated back 1949, with still two old double retort pot stills and dozens of wooden fermentation vats to produce old Jamaican high ester marks. This EMB is a medium bodied rum produced in the old process and develop 275,5 gr/hlpa. It’s the first Monymusk’s mark, pot still only, bottled with tropical ageing.

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