Contratto Bacco D'oro 2019 Brut

75 cl / 12.5°

Category: Spumante Metodo Classico
Raw material: 80% Pinot Nero 20% Chardonnay
Fermentation: Selected yeasts
Production method: Metodo Classico
Box: No

Why it’s different

Extraordinarily fresh, generous and enveloping, Contratto Bacco d'Oro Brut 2019 is a classic method sparkling wine made from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. The must flower of the grapes ferments and ages for 9 months in steel tanks,followed by bottling. After the second fermentation in the bottle, the wine ages sur lies for a minimum of 48 months followed by disgorgement and addition of liquer d'expedition for a final dosage of 5g/L.

How do I drink it?

Depending on serving temperature perfect from aperitif (8-10°C) to seafood appetizers or raw fish marinated in citrus (10-11°C).

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