Stauning Smoke

70 cl / 47°

Category: Single Malt Whisky
Raw material: Malto d'orzo
Production method: Pot Still Distillation
Box: No

Why it’s different

Stauning Smoke replaces the old Stauning Peat version.

Single Malt produced from malted barley with Danish peat. After fermentation it is distilled twice in small discontinuous copper stills. The use of local peat makes this Stauning unique, not least because the Danish peat is markedly different from the peat found for instance in Scotland on the island of Islay. In Stauning Peat, the marine and medicinal notes disappear, while hints of cocoa and floral aromas are offered to the nose and palate, with a sweet finish. The secret lies in the addition of dried heather harvested around the distillery directly in the ovens where the barley is dried. This whisky is aged in first fill casks that have contained Maker's Mark.

How do I drink it?

Stauning Peat merita assolutamente un assaggio in purezza, poiché per un amante dei whisky torbati è l’occasione di apprezzare le differenze tra le materie prime dei vari Paesi produttori.

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