Neisson L'Esprit Bio 66°

70 cl / 66°

Category: Rhum Agricole
Fermentation: Own selected yeasts
Production method: Créole Column Distillation
Aging: Tropicale
Box: No

Why it’s different

Neisson L'esprit Bio is the first rum in Neisson's history to carry the Organic Label, an achievement achieved after a long process of conversion to organic farming of a large part of the estate's sugarcane plots. The canes are cultivated without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or other synthetic preparations, favouring weeding that is carried out by small radio-controlled tractors that juggle the sugar cane, small vehicles equipped with rippers that pass under the surface of the earth and cut the roots of the weeds. The conversion to organic farming goes hand in hand with the cultivation of several very old varieties of cane, less performing than modern hybrids but much more typical and aromatically interesting. The manually harvested canes are pressed, fermented for a long time in large, open stainless steel vats and the fermentation slowly distilled in the Savalle column installed by Jean Neisson in 1952. After resting for almost a year in steel vats L'esprit Bio 66 is bottled at full strength in the famous 'Zepol Karè' bottles.

How do I drink it?

It can be enjoyed neat, in the traditional Ti' Punch or simply with a few ice cubes and a lime zest. The ideal cocktail for L'esprit Bio 66° is the Daiquiri.

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